About Supporting Our Students: Nurturing Talent

The bright young people who fill the classrooms and libraries of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are Israel’s greatest asset. They are full of hope and promise, eagerly pursuing one of life’s greatest adventures — the ongoing quest for knowledge and for meaningful achievements. Israel’s future lies with these young people, and the Hebrew University is committed to ensuring that they receive the finest education possible. This requires investing in the potential of our students and creating the conditions for their academic success.

Friends throughout the world are essential partners with the Hebrew University in this vital pursuit: enabling young people to aspire to and achieve the highest levels of accomplishment, the most advanced forms of innovation and discovery.

Investing in the Future

The Hebrew University awards scholarships and fellowships on the basis of multiple criteria: academic promise, acute financial need, demonstrated academic and research achievements, or a combination of these factors. Students come from across Israel, and candidates for scholarships are drawn from the entire student body. Undergraduates and students enrolled in the University’s one-year Mechina preparatory program are eligible to receive scholarships, as are graduate students working towards master’s degrees and PhDs.

The Hebrew University also offers special programming to enable each student to reach his or her full potential, whether in the form of extra academic support or counseling for those who need it, or leadership development programs.

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