Video: Pears Scholar poised to take public health knowledge back home to Nigeria

Dr. Olasanmi Sunday Olesegun (far left) and fellow African students meet with Executive Chair of the Pears Foundation Trevor Pears in Jerusalem, June 2011Update: At the graduation ceremony of the 36th class of the IMPH program, held in Jerusalem on 12 September 2011, Dr. Olasanmi Sunday Olusegun spoke on behalf of his fellow classmates. To view the speech, click here.  

Dr. Olasanmi Sunday Olusegun is one of 19 students from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and North America studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to improve public health in their home countries. Growing up in a poor home in Nigeria, Olusegun never expected to become a doctor. His personal experience of poverty and family sickness drove him to complete medical school — and 10 years later that same desire to help his fellow Nigerians has brought Olusegun to Israel to study for a master’s of public health degree at the Hebrew University's Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine, thanks to a scholarship from the Pears Foundation.

This year, the British-based Pears Foundation is sponsoring some 30 students from developing countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and elsewhere to participate in the Hebrew University’s international programs in public health and plant and nutritional sciences. Upon graduation, these scholars return home equipped with the knowledge and tools that will help them implement public health, agricultural and nutrition strategies and aid in the development of their communities and countries.

Click below for Jerusalem Post video clip of Sunday Olasanmi in Jerusalem