The ‘Sky is the Limit’ for this HU student and Navy Ship Captain

July 31, 2014: Dear CFHU,

I am writing this letter to you in my few hours break before I go back to the sea as I am a Major in the Israeli Navy - the captain of the ship. My name is Eldad Postan, I am a third year student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I am the Head of the Hebrew University Student Union and also a Co- Founder of a non-profit called The Sky is the Limit.

Usually, at this time of year I would be finishing my final exams, I would be working and saving money for university and also spending my time and effort in The Sky is the Limit to prepare for next year. But this year, my summer schedule is very different.

I was called up for reserve duty on the first day of Operation Protective Edge. As ship captain my job is to safeguard the ship from missiles, rockets and other threats which keeps the Israeli coast safe from all danger. We are sailing every day for several hours to protect our country. During my years of army service I was the commander of the naval officer's course. Today, most of the ships' captains were my cadets and it brings me great pride. When I was called up for duty, I was anxious to go, I packed my bag and left (not knowing that I'll be here for 17 days and counting), because first, and foremost - you do what needs to be done!

During these days we understand how important our Jewish idently is and our connection between the Jewish communities around the world with Israel. What is especially important and not to be taken for granted is YOUR unique connection with the Hebrew University. While I'm defending my country, there are people that are helping and protecting us as students, taking care of our worries and making sure that we will get the needed scholarships to continue our studies when we return. People like Lenny Shapiro and other Canadian donors who are devoted year round to students and making sure that myself and other soldiers could be on the front line during this operation without conern about our school tuition. That means so much!

Your asistance also inspires us to help others. While I am serving my country in the military, The Sky is the Limit's staff is serving the country in helping the Israeli citizens in the southern region neighboring Gaza. All of our staff are also Hebrew University students who are visiting kids and youth in shelters and doing different activities with them. We want to make this current reality less stressful for them and help to fill these sad days with joy. Also, the Hebrew University's Student Union has brought families and kids to Jerusalem for days of fun with no rockets or missile threats.

Thank you so much for allowing all this to happen and for helping us protect our beloved country with less worries.

If you have not already please help to Lend a Hand to Heal.

Eldad Postan.