Video: Italian student starts life in Israel at Rothberg International School

Sigal grew up in Milan, Italy, and — after completing high school — was planning to move to Israel and enroll in the 2011/12 one-year Preparatory Program - Mechina at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School. Her plans began to go awry when, three weeks before leaving Italy, she was told that a new policy meant that she was no longer eligible for government assistance for tuition through the Israel Ministry of Absorption. Thanks to the generosity of the Hebrew University’s Friends associations, Sigal received a scholarship and is now on the way to realizing her dream of studying in Israel. Meet Sigal and hear why she decided to study at the Hebrew University, her thoughts on the program and her fellow students, and how she is confronting the challenges involved in learning Hebrew.

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Click below for video clip of Sigal.