Cleaning the soil: Dr. Yael Mishael

Dr. Yael MishaelRecent decades have witnessed dramatic increases in soil and water contamination resulting from sewage, industrial waste and pesticide misuse and pollution. Maintaining and improving water and soil quality now represents one of this century’s greatest agricultural and environmental challenges.

At the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Dr. Yael Mishael’s research in soil chemistry and mineralogy focuses on developing innovative technologies for eater and soil redemption and protection.

Dr. Mishael, who was appointed a lecturer at the Smith Faculty in 2005, designs clay-mineral composites that enable the removal of organic contaminants in water and soil. In collaboration with private industry and Israel’s national water company, her application-oriented research has led to significant technological advances in contaminate filtration through clay-based sorbents. Once of these sorbents combats soil contamination through the use of controlled-release herbicide formulations which reduce the risk of herbicides leeching or migrating into unintended areas.