About Young Faculty Recruitment: Fighting the Brain Drain

At the core of University-wide innovation and scholarship are the scholars who make it possible. The Hebrew University's crucial mission is to attract and support the next generation of brilliant scientists and intellectuals. The Hebrew University — and indeed the State of Israel — face intense competition for young Israeli scholars from some of the world’s best universities, with recent research showing a dangerous brain drain in Israeli academia. There can be no more important mission for the future of education and of the country than that of ensuring that Israel retains its best and brightest young minds.


Considered amongst the world’s top institutions of higher education and a leader in groundbreaking research and innovation, the future of the Hebrew University relies upon the ongoing recruitment of outstanding young faculty. This requires providing these young scholars with competitive research and teaching conditions — the labs, the equipment, the graduate fellowships, and the overall research conditions that make scientific breakthroughs possible.

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