HU’s Newest Faculty: A New Platform for Quantum Science

Dr. Nir Bar-GilDr. Nir Bar-Gill’s research is making new breakthroughs in quantum science and interdisciplinary applications. His research on nitrogen-vacancy, a unique naturally occurring color center in diamonds, can lead to profound advancements in a wide array of technological devices such as computers, nano-scale devices and MRIs.

After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University, Bar-Gill joined the Hebrew University in July 2013 as a joint appointment between the Department of Applied Physics in the Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Science's Department of Physics.

A grandson of Holocaust survivors and with experience working in Israeli industry as well as academia, Bar-Gill is especially excited to return to Israel. He hopes to follow in the steps of previous generations by doing his “best to give back, to contribute to Israel’s scientific progress, education, and industry”.