HU's Newest Faculty: Supporting Plants in Extreme Climate Conditions

Prof. Oren Ostersetzer-BiranProf. Oren Ostersetzer-Biran is a plant scientist exploring the sophisticated mechanisms that plants use to cope with stresses such as poor soil conditions or extreme temperatures.  In his current study of thermo-regulation he is investigating whether plants can regulate their temperatures in a similar manner to animals. The results of his research could have important implications on world food security as knowledge of how to regulate internal plant temperature will increase plant productivity in extreme climate conditions.

Professor Ostersetzer-Biran joined the Faculty of Science’s Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences as an associate professor in August 2013. He completed both his master's degree and Ph.D. at the Hebrew University and returns after holding a position at the governmental research institute, Volcani Center-ARO, followed by a sabbatical year at Perth's University of Western Australia.