Blessed are the peace-making dentists

In a joint column in USA Today, Stanley M. Bergman and Dr. Amid I. Ismail describe how a  2006 Middle East symposium on dental implants — organized by outgoing dean of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Dental Medicine Prof. Adam Stabholz and Dean of the Al-Quds Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Musa Bajali — united dental leaders in the region under the banner of improving oral health.

The 2006 symposium created the momentum for the 2011 signing by representatives from 41 organizations of the charter to create the Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders. The signatories, who included Profs. Bajali and Stabholz, represented dental schools, associations and commerce and came from all continents and many faiths. Their common goal: promoting peace globally through oral health, particularly in places facing social, economic and political unrest.

The writers call on other professional communities to create similar relationships based on professional commonalities — and, ultimately, on mutual respect and understanding.

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