Photo by Nati Shohat Flash 90English literature student Anton Povzner, the recipient of a Mandel Scholarship for Master’s Studies in the Humanities, immigrated to Israel from Ukraine at age 10. As a graduate of the University’s Amirim program for outstanding undergraduates, he has already experienced the advantage of being part of a collective. At the Mandel School, he says, he enjoys being part of a scholarly community where students from different disciplines can exchange perspectives and give helpful feedback on research. “There is a substantial benefit in having other people with whom to share one’s ideas.” Povzner says that his interest in English literature stems from “the insights it provides into human conditions.” In his research, he is examining the idea of selfhood — “the changing notions of what constitutes an ‘I’ and the crises thereof” — starting with the literature of the early English settlements in America.

Originally published in Scopus Magazine's 2015 issue in the insert entitled Pioneering Excellence at the Hebrew University: The Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities. To read the full issue, click here.