Services Provided

The Division for Advancement & External Relations

The Division’s goal is to strengthen the Hebrew University’s ties with — and to provide support for — partners and Friends in Israel and throughout the world in order to secure the resources necessary for the continued development of the Hebrew University as a world-leading institution, extending the frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of Israel, the Jewish people, and humanity.


Missions & Visits

Division staff members are available to arrange the perfect visit for each visitor or group. Based upon the visitor's interest — veterinary medicine, Jewish studies, environmental protection, brain sciences etc. — the Division will arrange a tour of one or more of the University’s four campuses as well as meetings with faculty and students where appropriate, and will be happy to help with other arrangements such as seeing some of the major sites of Jerusalem and the country.

Ceremonies & Events

When donors reach a milestone in their relationship with the University, the Division can arrange a personalized ceremony to celebrate the occasion — be it the inauguration of a new center, the dedication of a new lab, floor, building, or faculty chair or the launching of a new research or scholarship fund. The University also invites its donors to join in donor recognition ceremonies at the annual Board of Governors meetings in June.

Marketing & Communications

The Division works with University faculty and staff and with Friends associations worldwide to create marketing and communications materials — including brochures, proposals, films, newsletters and social media — depicting the achievements and activities of the Hebrew University. In addition, the Division provides information and photographs about different aspects of the University to Friends associations upon request. Through its website and annual publications, the Division provides donors and friends with an inside view of news and events at the Hebrew University and its Friends associations. Through its Catalog of Opportunities, the Division provides updated information to Friends Associations on key needs for funding across the University.

Donor Recognition

The Hebrew University shows its profound appreciation to donors in many ways: reports on how their gift has made a difference, special ceremonies, thank you letters from grateful students, engraving the donor’s name on one of the prestigious walls of recognition, or by creating a plaque on the site of the funded project. At the close of a special ceremony marking a milestone, donors may receive a beautiful personalized photo album or a film depicting their visit to the University.

Alumni Relations

A number of Hebrew University faculties and schools and Friends associations have active alumni groups. To learn more about alumni activities in Israel, click here and to learn more about our Friends' alumni assocations, click here.

Geographic Desks

The geographic desks serve as University liaisons to specific regions and Friends associations. The American desk, the Canadian desk, and the Australia, South Africa, and UK desk liaison with the English-speaking world. The European desk works with Friends associations throughout Europe. The Latin America, Spain, and Portugal desk supports local Friends associations in these regions. The Russian desk serves as the liaison to the Russian Friends association, and the Israel desk offers events and services to the Israeli community of donors and friends.

To contact the Division, please call 972-2-5882805 or write to: