The Faculty of Humanities was the Hebrew University’s first faculty, and has since been home to the great minds that have nurtured and inspired subsequent generations.


In Jerusalem, scholars trace Bible evolution

Hebrew University Bible Project scholars have been at work on their critical edition of the Hebrew Bible, a version intended mainly for the use of other scholars, since 1958. “What we’re doing here must be of interest for anyone interested in the Bible,” says project head Dr. Michael Segal of the Department of Bible in the Mandel Institute of Jewish Studies.

To shape tomorrow, look to the past

As citizens of the world, how can we talk about where we should be going without knowing how we got to where we are today? The humanities must not be abandoned says Hebrew University President Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson: its fields have served as the basis for the intellectual development of humanity throughout the generations.


Reviving a lost world: Jewish history in Galicia and Bukovina

Jewish cemetery, BolechowThe Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian and East European Jewry, in cooperation with the Ludmer Fund, recently launched a unique project to preserve the history and culture of East European Jewish communities destroyed during the Holocaust. More

The enduring appeal of ancient thought: Dr. Naly Thaler

Dr. Naly Thaler, a recently recruited senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, seeks to broaden appreciation for the humanities and to instill in his students true appreciation for the beauty, importance and intricacy of ancient philosophy. More

Archaeology goes high tech

The Institute of Archaeology's new cutting-edge laboratory for computer-supported analysis of archeological artifacts is the first of its kind in Israel and one of just a few worldwide. More

Gateway to broader horizons: depth and breadth in learning

The Faculty of Humanities is expanding on its traditional approach to specialized education. Through the new Gateway program, students now have the chance to explore new areas without compromising on intensive study in their chosen majors.


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