Found in translation: Anne-Sophie Cardinal

Glocal Community-Development Studies student Anne-Sophie Cardinal is back in Africa for her internship
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Giving & getting: Gali Umschweif-Nevo

Q&A with a doctoral student juggling doctoral studies with her participation in the Harry and Sylvia Hoffman Leadership and Responsibility Program and a busy family life. Learn More

Discussing malaria over falafel: Jeremy Schreier

Q&A with a visiting undergraduate from Stanford who enjoys the strong feeling of camaraderie and intellectual vivacity among Hebrew University students and faculty Learn More

Listening to the mind: Yael Bitterman

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Understanding stem cells: Monther Abu-Remaileh

When you work with cancer, you feel that that you are doing something important, says Monther Abu-Remaileh. Learn More

For India, in Israel: Srivignesh Sundaresan

Srivignesh Sundaresan hopes to bring something new to agricultural research in India. Learn More

Anton Povzner

Meet English literature student Anton Povzner, the recipient of a Mandel Scholarship for Master’s Studies in the Humanities Learn More

Magdalena Luszczynska

Meet Magdalena Luszczynska, a PhD Candidate at the Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Learn More

Shani Bar Tuvia

Shani Bar Tuvia is a PhD student in the Department of International Relations and is taking part in the Human Rights under Pressure – Ethics, Law and Politics program at the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Faculty of Law. Learn More