Alumni Support the Next Generation of Ethiopian Scholars

The Hebrew University Alumni Association is kicking off a fundraising campaign to support scholarships for students of Ethiopian origin. The campaign was launched with a donation of 100,000 shekels, by an Israeli alumnus, a longtime supporter of the university.

Ethiopian immigrants and first generation Israelis of Ethiopian descent face many challenges. Having emigrated from rural areas in Ethiopia, many lack the necessary skills and education to integrate into Israel's job market. Many Ethiopian students are the first generation in their family to attend university and come from homes that have faced financial hardships resulting from the processes of immigration and acclimation to Israel.

The Central Bureau of Statistics recently released data regarding Ethiopian students in institutions of higher education. The Ethiopian student population has risen from 0.5% in 1999 to 1.3% in 2015 and the annual growth rate of Ethiopian students has risen to 6.6%. With these increases, the Hebrew University is taking steps towards further progress.

Hebrew University aims to help level the playing field and ensure that Ethiopian students have access to higher education. As the University was recently ranked as having the best employability of its graduates nationally, offering Ethiopian students scholarships will improve their chances at integrating into the job market, thereby improving their social mobility.

These scholarships are aimed at reducing the financial hardships and breaking down the barriers faced by these students, allowing them to excel in their studies and lay out a path for success. One such program is the Feuerstein Project for Ethiopian Israeli Students at the Hebrew University. This scholarship provides students with extensive educational and financial support and provides an enrichment program and paid tuition and living expenses.

The alumni campaign has already raised 350,000 shekels, receiving donations from alumni who graduated as recently as two years ago. Funds for this campaign will provide support for tuition and living expenses. These scholarships will make a difference in the lives of many by providing the opportunity to study at Israel's leading university.

To support this campaign, please visit: Select "Ethiopian Scholarship Campaign" to designate your gift.