Jerusalem Venture Partners Wins License to Operate a Tech Incubator under Israel’s National Incubator Program

Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) recently announced that it was chosen by Israel’s National Innovation Authority to operate a Jerusalem-based technological incubator. The JVP was selected to operate a Jerusalem-based Startup Incubator for eight years in partnership with Motorola Solutions, Reliance Industries and Hebrew University’s own Yissum.

The JVP Labs Incubator will invest in startups in a variety of fields, among them enterprise software, media technologies, Internet of Things (IOT) and communications.

According to the Israel National Innovation Authority, which runs the State of Israel’s technological incubator program, the license was granted based on JVP’s experience running two similar incubators, the JVP Media Labs in Jerusalem and the JVP Cyber Labs in Beer Sheva. The JVP Labs teams looks at over 400 companies annually, and, following a rigorous screening process, chooses 0.5%-1% of the companies to participate in the incubator program and receive investment

The license for the JVP Labs was among four announced this week by Israel’s National Innovation Authority, for a total of 19 such incubators throughout the country.

“JVP is proud to launch our new JVP Labs in Jerusalem together with our partners Motorola Solutions, Reliance and the Hebrew University,” said Haim Kopans, Head of JVP Labs, Jerusalem “Over the past years, every dollar invested by the Office of the Chief Scientist in JVP incubator startups resulted in $11.5 invested by the private sector in these companies. Our new strategic partnership will continue to create these kinds of enormous opportunities for the Israeli startup community and strengthen Jerusalem’s standing as one of the world’s leading hubs of technology, with JVP and the Hebrew University at its core.”


Posted March 27, 2016