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Empathy and Understanding in Education

Courtesy of the Hebrew University School of Education

November 8th 2015, Researcher Judah Koller is the assistant director of The Hebrew University's new Autism Center and an Assistant Professor in the School of Education. His blog piece in the Times of Israel, highlights a recent classroom exercise which underscored the need for empathy and understanding in special education to the next generation of educators. His heartwarming piece allows us to experience what it is like to be in someone else's shoes and how to better ourselves in our own comfortable pair.


Cassi-Lee Gewer: Summer Ulpan Is Over And Mechina Is About To Start

I’m sitting here writing this blog entry with a newfound ability to understand “Israeli” Hebrew (i.e. not slow and clear)  and beginning to speak it even more fluently– and that is: and that is BECAUSE OF SUMMER ULPAN AT HEBREW UNIVERSITY. With an intensive six week period behind me –full days of speaking, reading and writing in 'Ivrit',  my life, here as a Hebrew U student is slowly, excitingly and very positively turning into that of a local Israeli


Tara Ryan: What Happens when a Small Town Baptist girl finds herself studying at Hebrew University?

June 2014: How did this small town girl from Oklahoma end up studying for her Master’s degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem? I am quite befuddled myself. Being raised in the pews of a small Baptist church, my world did not expand much beyond the comforts of American suburbia. It wasn’t until my years at Oklahoma Baptist University, that my eyes were opened to the world around me. More

Cassi-Lee Gewer: The Last Days of Rothberg

June 2014: The last days of the Rothberg Semester have come and gone. And last night, six of us were able to take part in something extraordinary. It goes a little something like this:


When language immersion pays off: Hebrew U. students live and learn in China (blog 4)

August 2013: Hebrew University student Yochana Storch is spending part of her summer at Jilin University in China as a participant in an intensive language program that provides full immersion in the Chinese language and culture.


Lee Goldstein: ‘Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination’ (blog 3)

May 2012: Even though I've liked my apartment, roommate and my friends from university right from the beginning, I haven't felt like I really belonged here. But the more acquainted I have become with the city and with its residents, the more frequently I invite and host friends from Tel Aviv.


Moriyah Shacham: The novelty of providing exact answers to exact questions (blog 2)

November, 2012: Last Tuesday, as I was making my way across the city towards the Ein Kerem medical campus, the light-rail suddenly stopped in its tracks and all the doors opened. I was confused for a fraction of a second, and then I heard it: The siren.


Shira Ben-Simon: The road less travelled or how I learned to work with a hoe (Glocal, blog 1)

December 2011: Halfway into our four-month internship in Sri Lanka we have finally encountered the much-dreaded threat of physical labor. Up until now we have been working in the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement’s head offices, but have managed to inconspicuously avoid any manual work, which would surely expose our embarrassingly poor physical shape.


Dr. Dan Kaganovich: A picture’s worth a million dollars (blog 1)

November 2011: Building the right ensemble of imaging equipment was one of the most important decisions in setting up my lab — second only to getting the right students to join my group. One of the goals of establishing our lab at the Hebrew University was to strengthen the live cell imaging capabilities at the Silberman Institute of Life Sciences by developing sophisticated methods for both quantitative and phenomenological applications in cell biology.